Call for papers

Natural Language ProcessingProfessional CommunicationComputer Network
Deep LearningBroadband CommunicationNeural Network
Machine LearningWireless CommunicationWireless Network
Industrial ApplicationsMobile CommunicationMobile Network
Pervasive ComputingOptical CommunicationAd-hoc Network
Parallel ComputingRemote SensingSensor Network
Grid ComputingAntenna / MIMOMultimedia Network
Cloud ComputingRF ElectronicsInternet of Things
Mobile ComputingNano-electronicsInformation Theory and Coding
Big DataVLSI / ULSI / MEMSNetwork Security
Data MiningEmbedded SystemsCryptography
Signal ProcessingDigital System DesignComputer Network
Image ProcessingSmart GridPower distribution networks
Pattern RecognitionControl SystemsRF/microwave/mm-wave systems and packaging solutions
Soft ComputingPower Electronics / SystemsAntennas-in-package and antennas-on-chip
LiDARRoboticsDesign methodology/flow measurements
Medical Imaging3D IC and packages (TSV/SiP/SoC)Jitter and noise modeling
Computer Graphics Nano-interconnects and nano-structuresStochastic/sensitivity analysis
Software Engineering Electromagnetic theory and modelingElectro-thermal modeling
Quality Assurance Transmission line theory and modelingChip-package co-design
Software Programming Macromodeling, reduced order modelsNovel CAD concepts
Information Technologies Electromagnetic compatibilityOptical interconnects
Agile AI in electronics design
Cyber Security
Internet of things
Internet of Threats
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Graph Theory
Data Science
Virtual Reality
Machine Learning
Modeling and simulation for SI/PI
Coupled signal and power Integrity analysis
Noise reduction and equalization techniques
High-speed link design and modeling
Computer Architecture
Data Structure
Quantum Computing
Pervasive Computing

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